Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't Forget...The Food Blogger Bake Sale!

Just a quick reminder that the Food Blogger Bake Sale is taking place all over the nation tomorrow, Saturday, May 14th!  

Here in San Diego the event will be at Great News Cooking School in Pacific Beach, and I would highly encourage you to drop by and: 
-pick up some sweet treats
-enter our raffle to win one of 3 Wilton baskets valued at $150 each
-meet some lovely and talented bloggers
-show your support for Share Our Strength - this fundraising event donates 100% of proceeds to end child hunger!  

If you missed my first post about this event, be sure to check out my Sweet Spring Sandwich Cookies and get all the details about Share Our Strength.  If you are not in San Diego, you can easily find the bake sale happening in your city by simply visiting Gaby's site.  And definitely visit Marie's site, because she was the wonder woman that organized this whole event in San Diego!  For more info, check out the flyer below.

And before I bid you adieu, I wanted to say two things.  

First, I baked 300 cookies for this event.  I made them into 150 sandwich cookies.  The dough itself probably weighed more than 15 pounds before baking.  Because there was so much dough (and I am an idiot and made it all in one batch) I got blisters on my fingers from mixing by hand.  Why am I telling you this?  This baking was a lot of work, and it will all be worth it... as long as you show up and buy my cookies.  And I can tell you, all the bakers put in a similar effort, all in the name of raising money for Share Our Strength.  So come.  Buy our cookies.  Please! 

Second, I packaged my cookies in cute little bags that I got from Do It With Icing and I think they look pretty darn cute.  If you are local to San Diego, I just wanted to make sure you knew about this place because it is a baking heaven.  Whatever you need for baking - molds, chocolate, bags, sugars, gel food coloring, boxes, cupcake toppers - they have it.  And also, despite this baking effort being a lot work, I really enjoyed it.  So if you like these lovely little bags of cookies I put together here and you need a sweet treat for an event or party in the future - I'm your gal.  Contact me for more information.

Enjoy the bake sale!!! 



  1. It couldn't have happened without you, those gorgeous cookies, and your amazing work bringing us those raffle prizes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We'll miss ya, lady!

    P.S. The cookies survived in my work fridge (although there were a few threats against them) and they got a closeup during our stint on SD News 6!

  2. What cute cookies! A piy I don't live in SF.



  3. Wonderful bake sale. I really want to be there. One of these cookies deserve a travel from Rome :)

  4. this look so lovely!! what a great post:) thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Kudos on your participation in the bake sale; those cookes are adorable, especially in their packaging!!!

    I'm hosting my office's SOS bake sale later this year, so I'd love any additional tips you have for making this event a successful one.


  6. OMGoodness so that's what you've done. The packaging looks so pretty and professional. You did such a fantastic job. Nice seeing how it all pulled together after discussing it on twitter and such a good cause. This is very inspiring how you put it together.

  7. I couldnt resist buying your cookies, so beautifully packaged! And they were as yummy as they looked!

  8. Great packaging! I couldn't make it this year, been sick. But, I'd love to help out next year!


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