Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Recipe for Rose Sangria

The best summer days begin with blue-sky mornings, carry on with sunny afternoons at the pool or the beach, and end with lazy, comfortable chit-chat among friends as the sun dips below the horizon.  Of course, summer afternoons and evenings are made inevitably better if you are relaxing with a cool, sweet drink in your hand.  So when one of my friends and readers asked on my facebook page for a sangria recipe, I was surprised to realize I had not shared one with you yet.  Naturally I could not let her question go unanswered, so put out a request on Twitter and got some great links to share from The Pioneer Woman, Eat.Drink.Smile, and Aggie's Kitchen

And then promptly got straight to work making my own batch of Rose Sangria.    

Next to lemonade, sangria is probably the most quintessential satisfying summer beverage, and I love it.  With a glass of sangria in my hand, and my friends and family by my side, I am a happy lady.  

Regardless of whether you make your sangria with white, rose, or red wine, the best part is definitely the wine-soaked fruit.  Don't you just love fishing out those boozy fruits from the bottom of the glass?  For my summer Rose Sangria, I love adding in ripe peaches and strawberries, sliced oranges, and plump raspberries.  The sliced oranges are so beautiful, but my favorite to eat are the peaches - they soak up the sugar and wine to become tender and just perfectly sweet. 

Now, lets talk booze shall we?  I know lots of people just make their sangria with wine, soda, sugar, and fruits, but I really like to spike my sangria with some extra alcohol for more sweetness and kick.  Traditionally, Rose Sangria is complemented best by raspberry liqueurs like Chambord, but I am on a budget and I like to use ingredients that I usually have on hand (and I hope you do too).  So for my sangria, I boost the flavor with Triple Sec and Citrus Vodka.  Triple sec is super inexpensive, and the orange taste is fantastic in other cocktails like margaritas or Cosmopolitans.  The citrus vodka is actually optional - sometimes I add only triple sec - but I find it adds a bit of complexity that I really like.       

Triple sec is fabulous in sangria, and to keep down the price I usually buy the cheapest one.

I soak my fruits with sugar and liqueur for at least an hour or longer to make them sweet and tender...

And then mix them with the wine.  I adore the beautiful color of rose wine.

I think the most common type of sangria is made with red wine, but sometimes I find that to be too bitter or heavy for light summer days.  Using rose wine (or sweeter white wine) is so much more refreshing and beautiful, and such a nice change from the norm.  Altogether, this recipe has rose wine, ginger ale, summer fruits, triple sec, and citrus vodka.  Super simple.     

So gather together some friends, pull up a chair, and pass around the pitcher of sangria.  Waste away a weekend evening giggling and sharing stories, enjoying a backyard barbecue, or just relaxing in solitude.  It is summertime, and the livin' is easy... Enjoy.

One year ago: Lemony White Bean Salad with Tomato and Dill (I had forgotten about this!  I love it, definitely making it this week.)

Rose Sangria
Is there any summer beverage more perfect than sangria?  It is light and fruity and sweet enough for a long afternoon of sipping and chatting with friends.  This recipe is best with rose wine, but try substituting sweeter white wine if you like.  *Also, I like using both triple sec and citron vodka, but I have made this before using only triple sec (1 cup total then) and it is just as sweet and satisfying.  

1 large orange (I love valencia oranges)
2 ripe yellow peaches
About 2 cups strawberries 
About 1 cup raspberries
1/4-1/3 cup sugar
3/4 cup triple sec
1/4 cup citron vodka (I use Smirnoff Citrus)*
1 bottle Rose wine
1 1/2 cups ginger ale

For serving: (Optional) Ice, orange slices, or fresh raspberries

First wash all the fruits well.  Then cut the orange in half, and cut the halves into slices.  Next thinly slice the peaches (slice around the peach to divide into quarters, then pull each quarter away from the pit to slice again), hull and quarter the strawberries, and leave the raspberries whole. Place all the fruits in a large bowl, and add the sugar, triple sec, and vodka.  Mix the fruit well, pressing it down in the bowl so it is mostly covered by the sugar/alcohol mixture.  Soak the fruit, mixing occasionally, for at least 1 hour, but if you can soak it for 2-3 hours it will be even better. 

To mix up the sangria, add the bottle of Rose wine, and the ginger ale to a large bowl, then stir in the fruit and alcohol.  (Or if you have a drink dispenser, you can just add everything in there and swirl it around.)  Mix well, and chill before serving.  If you like, serve with ice, in glasses garnished with orange slices or fresh raspberries.


  1. Your photos are beautiful. The sangria looks unbelievably refreshing!

  2. I want to grab that glass right now! So glad you posted this husband loves sangria and I'll be sure to make this sometime.

  3. I love sangria! I never tried making it with rose but yours look awesome!

    When I make my red one I cut the wine with orange juice (about 1 cup every 4 cups of wine) and peach juice (about 1 1/2 cup every 4 cups wine) and lots of ice. Add fruit and sugar and no other alcohol and it turns out rather refreshing.

  4. That rose sangrià must be delightful! That is such a summery drink.



  5. This looks wonderful! The perfect summery drink to remind you of holidays and blue skies!

  6. Oh I wish we had some raspberries locally growing here in the Philippines. they are sooo expensive but super gooooood

  7. i would LOVE to make this...this weekend, in San Diego! I wish I could celebrate and have some WITH you :)

    Hopefully you'll be partaking in some sangria!

  8. I wish I could have one now! Your rose sangria looks delightful.

  9. It's almost 5pm on a Friday here, and I'm so ready for a drink just like this! Sounds and looks like a lovely recipe - I love the fact that you did it with rose and the addition of the triple sec. Delicious I'm sure! Lovely photos too.

  10. Pola: Your recipe sounds great too! I had never thought of adding peach juice!

  11. I reallly wish I could have some NOW. Too bad I'm at work ;)

  12. Yes! Making this recipe this weekend. I've been longing for a good Sangria all summer. :)

  13. Wow, your photos are beautiful and the sangria looks delicious. Perfect for a wamr summer day.

  14. LOVE IT, gorgeous and vibrant.

  15. Rose is the quintessential summer drink for me. I can imagine what a wonderful compliment it would be to the fruit here.

  16. This sangria looks delicious. Perfect photos!

  17. I knew I liked you ;) We have the EXACT same idea of a perfect day. And sangria, well, it's pretty much my favorite drink, ever! Your pictures are stunning, so vibrant.

  18. I love sangria, and agree that the boozy fruit is the best part of enjoying a cold glass of the gorgeous beverage on a hot day. I am definitely saving this recipe!

  19. OMG - I adore sangria and this one looks just outstanding! The photos are stunning!

  20. Oh my worrrrrd... What a beautiful sangria... love it!

  21. Love me some sangria. It can be so versatile!

  22. Well this drink just looks TOO tempting. And your photos are lovely!!

  23. Yes yes yes! I'll take one in each color, please.

    I was taught how to make a (complicated, using 5 liquors) red sangria a few years ago and make a pitcher every summer.

    Your photos are gorgeous.


  24. Fabulous Amanda - we are such fans of rosé, the sangria sounds excellent. Love your choice of fruits, and triple sec.
    Happy summer to you!

  25. Beautiful photos! Great idea of using triple sec, the recipe I usually used calls for Grand Marnier - equally expensive as Chambord.

  26. Looks delish and refreshing! And I was totally singing that summer time song as I read through your post!

  27. I lovvvvvve sangria, but have never made my own. This needs to be remedied ASAP!

  28. I'm sitting here wondering why I never make Sangria? Then I thought, perhaps different cities have each their own quintessential summer long drink. Brisbane Australia, my home? It would have to be the gin and tonic. Berlin, where I'm headed? the radler (or shandy to some- beer and lemonade). And London, where I am right now? Pims with soda water, cucumber and orange. If only the sun would come out...

  29. I was just thinking about sangria today and thinking how I would like to make a batch this weekend. Well, this is the recipe I'm going to use. Fantastic, Amanda!

  30. This looks fantastic! I've always wanted to make sangria. And your accompanying photos are beautiful. I will definitely bookmark this recipe!

  31. This looks so phenomenal! Ha, I chuckled when I saw that your "post from 1 year ago" reminded you of the recipe :)

  32. Amanda, your photos make me pull up a chair and chit chat with you while enjoying this refreshing sangria.

  33. Oh at first i was thinking it's a rose (like the flower) sangria, but it's rosé WINE sangria! I get it now. yum-my! Your photos are the reason tastespotting and food gawker were born. ps - you can type the e with and accent by holding ALT down and then type 0233 and then release the ALT. very random, i know. Rosé wine is a great idea. wish i thought of it. :)

  34. Such a gorgeous colour! This sounds truly refreshing for summer, I'll bookmark this for when it's that time of the year again here in Sydney! ;-)

  35. The Good Soup: Thanks for sharing quintessential summer drinks from around the globe!

    Cookin Canuck: Hope you enjoy the sangria!

    NicoleD: I know, isn't it funny how we forget about some of our favorite recipes? :)

    RFR: Thanks SO much letting me know that tip about typing Rosé! (look I did it!) Now that I tried it, on the mac keyboard it is holding down the alt/option plus "e" to give the accent, and then you have to go back and add the e. Haha, glad you liked the recipe event though there are no roses in it! :D

  36. This is absolutely perfect. Bookmarked.

  37. We tried this sangria over 4th of July weekend when I was visiting and it was delicious! Especially loved the fresh peaches we used from the local farmer's market. I love that this is an affordable drink you can make for friends or a party and still keeping in mind a budget!

  38. That looks INCREDIBLE. Making it this weekend. Done and done. I've never seen it made with raspberries before! My local farmstand has white raspberries, I think I'll try white wine sangria with them!

  39. Hi Amanda! I'm new to your blog, loving it so far! This sangria looks so yummy. Last week I had lunch with some friends in Philadelphia and they served a frozen sangria with grapefruit in the mix. It was deceptively potent! Let's just say I was ready for a siesta afterwards... it kinda crept up on me. ;)

  40. Amanda! This looks so good! My daughter ordered some sangria yesterday when we were out for dinner and I found your post just in time to plan a sangria party for next weekend. Love how refreshing it is and how good it tastes. I love how a few pitchers of sangria and really good friends are a great mix! (oops didn't mean to float the friends in the sangria! somehow that came out wrong!) Anyway thanks for the recipe!

  41. Great to meet you thru Dara! Great looking blog

  42. Tori and Nancy: Great to have you both here as new readers! Hope you are enjoying all the rest of my recipes! :)

  43. Absolutely it is very nice blog, I like it your post.

  44. This looks absolutely amazing. I love love love sangria!! Thanks for the mention, big hug!

  45. thanks for the recipe. this looks perfect for entertaining!

  46. Wow! So happy I found this recipe! Made a trial batch *smile* before making it for a party this coming is delicious! Used 2 Buck Chuck (white zin) from TJ's, frozen peaches and raspberries, fresh strawberries and orange slices. Fantastic!

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